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Scandinavian by iamaureen

Light Scandinavian design, combined with some old unique items.

I'm Maureen, live together with my boyfriend in a characteristic building in the city center of Deventer (NL). I was born in Deventer and it was always a dream of mine to live in the city centre for a while. I love the special old buildings and I love walking through the market on Saturday for a bunch of flowers and healthy fruit and vegetables.

My style can be described as light Scandinavian design, combined with some old unique items. I love light colors and in our house you see a mix of white, sand, gray and some small accents of rust.  What do I love most? Photography and styling. I work as a professional photographer in the interior design industry. Often on location, but I also love to work at home. For example, I really enjoy redecorating and styling the interior, but I can also enjoy photographing it.

My biggest inspiration is light! I can enjoy the light that shines in my home and mostly use natural light in my work as a photographer. For example, I have a disco ball in the living room, in a not too prominent spot.... as soon as the sun shines you get to see all the little lights on the walls.

House in Style is one of my favorite brands. The lovely duvet covers but also the beautiful pillows fit almost every interior and provide a lot of stylish comfort.

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